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What is vClavis

In the era of ever-increasing industrial activities, the need for reliable, efficient and accurate pressure vessel design, the corner stone of modern industrial construction, is becoming more and more imperative.

This problem is solved by the application of new engineering precision algorithms on the pressure vessels calculation codes by combining Cloud Computing theory, which can provide a new dimension in the design of pressure vessels, providing efficiency and accuracy. vClavis is distinguished and innovated in areas such as data input methodology, remote access over the Internet, how to present technical results, algorithmic calculation processes and allows calculations with all the Calculation Codes. The main difference between the existing pressure vessel design applications and the proposed project is both the creation of efficient algorithms and methodologies that will increase the speed of calculation of all the components of a study and the fact that it will support Codes beyond ASME in conjunction with other codes (European, English, German, Russian) and finding more cost-effective solutions (comparing pressure vessels calculated by different Codes).

vClavis aims at solving the problem of engineering design in pressure vessels. Through a new software and using cutting-edge technologies to gather, analyze and extract results, and through the development of new algorithmic methods, an innovative proposal that accelerates and optimizes the above difficult and specialized work.

What the app offers

Design of new calculation algorithms

(external overpressure resistance, hydrostatic column determination, cryogenic temperature resistance) that accelerate calculation times and new results presentation methods that facilitate reading and understanding by users.

Introduce an optimal wizard input method

thus minimizing the human error factor by the designer engineer, guiding him at the same time in completing the design of the pressure vessel in less time. Following this new practice, even new engineers can be involved in the design of pressure vessels, which to date is not possible without deep knowledge of the Codes for the engineering design.

Creating new data in the communication and collaboration of engineers.

All participating engineers in a project can access the projected pressure vessel, and modify or export data, resulting in faster completion of the final solution.

Save design and result files in shareable internal format so they can be fully compatible with later versions of the software.

At the same time, newer versions of the software do not need to be reinstalled on the computer as the online platform is automatically updated when an upgrade is available, which drastically reduces the times needed for updates to the platform.

Create a new application that fully supports all the Codes

allowing you to find the most economical solution.

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